Rocio Alviter

Rocio Alviter is originally from Mexico, and is a mother of two children.  She has lived in Asheville since 2001. She joined the PODER Emma Community Ownership team because she wants to work to create a safe place for her children to live.


Andrea golden

Andrea Golden is a popular educator, interpreter and is deeply committed to cooperative economics and building collective power.  She is co-founder of PODER Emma Community Ownership, a worker owner of Cenzontle Language Justice Cooperative, and a resident owner of Dulce Lomita Mobile Home Cooperative where she lives with her partner and their three children.


Jackie Fitzgerald

Jackie has been working and living in the Emma neighborhood for over 10 years.  She believes Emma residents and business owners will achieve the impossible through the cooperative spirit.  Mobile home parks are part of what make our neighborhood special and what have allowed for tight-knit social and family networks to stay in tact.  



Roxana Carballo is originally from El Salvador and has lived in Asheville since 1997.  She is a mother of three children, and a small business owner who works as a notary and the owner of Alondras Wellness Club Nutrition Center.  She joined the PODER Emma Community Ownership Team to help her community.