Our Mission:


PODER Emma Community Ownership is working to create tools and strategies to prevent displacement and to protect the tightknit nature of mobile home communities which keep our families safe.

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Emma is a neighborhood with history, a tight sense of community and a clear vision for our future! Young people who live in the neighborhood are working on a short documentary to capture the essence of the Emma Community.

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Members of mobile home cooperatives and worker cooperatives are coming together to create a mutual support network in order to increase our capacity, impact and access!

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Residents Council

The newly formed Residents Association focuses on issues that were identified by people in the neighborhood during the community research project We work together to build trusting relationships between neighbors, and work to make our neighborhood stronger!


Action Research

ECOP formed a research team comprised of residents of the Emma Neighborhood and surveyed nearly 200 Emma residents to assess the quality of life of residents of mobile home parks, to understand risk factors for displacement of low income residents due to gentrification, and to begin the creation of an Emma Community Plan.